Arabic Food & Wine Meet March 2007

4th Pune Gourmet Club Meet
held on Saturday 17th March 2007

The wines selected for the evening were
Grover Shiraz Rose
Grover Sauvignon Blanc
Bahula Shiraz Cabernet

All the wines were served at 10 -12 Deg C as specified by the labels on the bottles.The Shiraz Rose and the Sauvignon Blanc were very good.
The Bahula Shiraz Cabernet (80/20) a new entrant in the market was well appreciated. The unanimous opinion was that all three were worth patronizing in future at home and in restaurants.

Dinner featured an exclusively Middle Eastern menu with all items except the dessert and Pita bread made by the members.

The Mezze/starters
Tabbouli – a salad of fresh parsley, spring onions and tomatoes in an olive oil dressing.
Fattoush – a mixed vegetable salad with chickpeas and topped with toasted Lebanese bread. Kibbeh – a deep fried ball made of minced lamb with cracked wheat and stuffed with pine nuts.
Spinach Fatayer – a triangular shortcrust pie stuffed with sautéed spinach and pine nuts and baked.
Mahshi Bassal – Rolls of onion petals cooked soft and stuffed with a mix of spiced chicken mince and parsley.
Zather pies – Arabic bread topped with Zather spice mix and olive oil and baked. Dips
Hummus – chickpeas paste drizzled with olive oil
Moutabal – grilled aubergines with garlic and spices blended into a paste
Toom – Arabic style garlic sauce of Mayonnaise consistency
Pita Bread

Main course
Machbous – Arabic style Lamb with rice pilaf
Felafel & Tahini paste
Dessert - Baklava
Baklava was specially made to order by Mr. Kavi Motwani of Copper Chocs, Pune who took up the challenge. Since this was his first attempt, PGC members provided advice, samples from Dubai, opinions on trial runs and even video links on the internet to ensure the perfect Baklava. An excellent effort by Mr. Motwani.


Unknown said...

Yikes .... that's not how you check the appearence of a wine. Where's incandescent lighting and white background ? Also having a wine tasting outdoors is not a very good idea. There are also a lot of sensory distractions, smells, background noises, the eye tends to wander .. !!! You need to do two tastings. One initial 100% serious blind tating to evaluate the wines. Narrow the selection to 4 to 5 white reds and 4 to 5 whites. Initial selection can be as little as 10 red 10 white. Second tasting (after you find decent wines) should be a consumer test, food wine and people.

Unknown said...

well if you had been to this Arabic night you would have hogged on the pita bread and the tingling THOMB made by shubaji and yeyati! the side snacks with the wine were awaesome! and to add it up the main course dishes were made for the sheikh!

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