Biryani & Wines meet July 2007

The PGC's July lunch meet held at Soul Restaurant in ABC Farms, Koregaon Park, Pune on 1st July featured biryanis made by members and a selection of wines.

The biryanis included two vegetarian delights - Nawabi Tarkari Biryani - a favourite of the Hyderabad Nizams on their vegetarian days - by Shubha Nafrey and Kale Moti Biryani - made with kala chana cooked in milk and flavoured with saffron - by Sheela Narayan. Both the nonvegetarian ones - Zafrani Chicken (complete with a purdah) and Hyderabadi Mutton Dum - were presented by new member Chef Amey Marathe.

Dessert was Lauki Kheer - another Hyderabadi speciality - by Amey Marathe.

The wines selected were Bahula Shiraz Cabernet, Grover Shiraz Rose, Grover Sauvignon Blanc 2005 and Sula Blush Zinfandel. Attendees were given a form listing all the wines and sensory parameters. A separate note explained in a simple and easy to understand manner the descriptions of the parameters such as tannins, color, sweetness, acidity, body etc. A detailed chart of all characteristics was also provided to help the members along in deciding if for example the wine's color was straw, pale yellow, deep yellow, etc.

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