April 2007 Cold food & Chardonnay

April being the hottest month in Pune, members felt the need to beat the heat of the kitchen and indulge in chilled wines and light nibbles. The theme of the meet was cold food with chilled Chardonnay and sparkling wine. Since the menu included many type of cheese and breads, much of it was store bought. The spreads and some dishes like the cold gazpacho soup were home made. A live station was set up for hot bruschettas.

The moonlit dinner held in a garden was attended by 30 members and guests.

The Menu
Selection of breads
Bagels / Rye / Baguette / Farmer's / Greek Olive
Cold starters
Parma Ham wrapped melon / Prawn Cocktail / Smoked chicken
Chilled Gazpacho
Cold starters
Prawn Cocktail / Smoked chicken / Marinated mushrooms in olive oil, rosemary & garlic
Oven roasted red/yellow bell Peppers & zuccini
Hot Food
Olive oil toasted bruchettas topped with diced tomatoes, garlic & basil
Spreads & Fillings for breads
Black OliveTapenade / Butters - Dill & Parsley / Cream Cheese spread
Dijon Mustard / Pesto - Red /Spinach
Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, Green onions, onions, iceberg,
lettuce, rocket, sliced olives, gherkin, jalapenos etc.
Hard – Parmesan/Gruyere
Semi-hard – Gouda
Soft - Bonconcino & smoked mozarella
Semi soft – Brie
Watermelon Ice cream
Reveilo Chardonnay,
Chantilli Chardonnay
Ivy Brut Sparkling wine

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